Lake Trasimeno

The Province of Perugia is home to the largest lake in central Italy, Lake Trasimeno. The landscape is characterised by the relaxing intense green of the vegetation, and everything, from the villages overlooking the lake to the museums, its continuing traditions to its local products, all remind us of its past.

Siena and surroundings

The territory preserves numerous remains from the Middle Ages, springing out along the Via Francigena, the great pilgrimage road to Rome that crossed Val d’Elsa, the city of Siena and Val d’Orcia. Walking through this countryside, you can admire impressive abbeys and characteristic small towns.


Perugia, Umbria’s main city dates back to Antiquity and is composed of a higher section on the hill, whence the Medieval villages spread out on its slopes. The historic center teems with cultural and architectural masterpieces, with one of the most extensive museum collections in Italy.